Haiti: January 2019

Each year, we become more efficient and grow closer in unity as a team.

In just one week, we were able to serve 190 people through surgeries, mobile clinics, and education.

Despite their many challenges, the people in Haiti never stop smiling. I am in awe of the beautiful spirit, scenery, and personality that Haiti and its people have to offer. From the moment we step off the small plane on the narrow dirt runway in Port-de-Paix, I feel at home. As we serve throughout the week, I am filled with Joy as we get to witness the amazing smiles of the people we connect with and serve. While we often think of missionary work as in service of others, my heart is the one that is changed each time we go.

- Matthew

CEO and Founder

World Health Partnerships came into the mission, which was a big blessing for the people of Haiti. God brought so many good doctors and nurses to take care of patients. There are a lot of people in Haiti who are sick and in need of surgery, and many times they don’t have access to a hospital. Transportation and money make it difficult for people in Haiti to get help. We are very thankful for World Health Partnerships for coming and serving the people in Haiti.

- Americk



With each trip, I am forever changed in ways that takes months to manifest. With each trip, my life’s purpose sharpens. I leave a piece of my heart in Haiti with each trip. My relationships with the Haitian people as a whole has deepened throughout the years. I love their spirit, their resilience, their smiles and the hope they have found in Jesus despite their circumstances. I feel so blessed to be able to be a part of their lives and they a part of mine. I am in awe of the work God is doing in Haiti and the hearts that are changing. I am humbled to be just a piece of the plan.

- Kimrae, Co-Founder and CFO

Haiti 2019 was a great success. Each year, we grow and improve. Our team of forty-two individuals from throughout the county came together as one mission. We were able to serve not only the medical need of the community, but we also sought to bring joy and the love of Jesus to St. Louis du Nord. For me personally the mission week is the final product of a full year of planning and organizing. Having forty-two good hearted souls come together, to grow in faith and service, is overwhelming and motivational to start all over the planning for our next mission… wherever that may be!

Thank you to every single person on the mission for their heart and effort. Our ‘block party’ at the end of the week with basketball and dancing at the mission made my heart warm! It felt like family and community! The best time I have ever had in Haiti was watching the pure joy in Isaac’s dance and smile that afternoon. God wins!

- Dr. Dan Richardson


I continue to be humbled by the spirit of the Haitian people in the adversity in which they live. They are so appreciative and thankful for all we do for them; however, I feel so much more from them than I gave. I praise God for the opportunity to make their lives even a little bit better.

- Dr. Melissa Richardson