Success Stories

Real people. Real help.

Thank you for loving my kid even though they look different. Thank you for not being intimidated by their big head. No one in my community will even touch them, but you showed them love.



Our World Health Partnerships team met Louis, 20 years old, in Haiti during our trip in January and February of 2018.

Five months before Louis came to us, he underwent an emergency abdominal surgery while working in the Dominican Republic.

Louis grew starved following his procedure from complications, and lost half of his body weight (left); Louis went from a healthy 130 pounds to only 65 pounds.

Having walked into our small procedures clinic on our last day, we had little time to attempt treatment for Louis.

Our first instinct was to bring him to the States to receive treatment, a hard learned lesson as we were unable to achieve this. We decided Haiti itself has the surgeon he needed- a match found just five hours from Louis' home. Our team raised the funds needed to provide him this life-saving corrective surgery.

World Health Partnerships have been updated on his health and are proud to see Louis' health is back, allowing him to have returned home to live with his family.

We thank every single soul involved with the financial assistance and support raised with us.


Thank you for cleaning our teeth. We’ve never had the opportunity to have them cleaned before.
Thank you for trying to make me laugh in pre-op. I was so sacred about my upcoming surgery, but you made me smile.



Jean-Pierre was part of the inspiring mission that helped form World Health Partnerships.

A young man, he came in with a keloid on his left ear (left), an overgrowth of a scar that can result in a massive, soft growth where the skin has been damaged.

Jean-Pierre not only suffered discomfort from the large mass, but he also suffered shame- his community saw the growth as a curse, ostracizing him.

Our Board members Melissa Richardson and Kimrae Larson McDonald were part of the surgical team working our partners in Haiti that skillfully removed the keloid and provided him post-op injections to prevent the regrowth of it. His team of general surgeons also took on the task of rebuilding his ear.

One year later, during our first mission as World Health Partnerships, Jean-Pierre returned to thank his doctor and nurses for healing both his physical and spiritual life.

Thank you for working in the procedure center. A lump or bump may not seem like a big deal. However, looking different here means you are seen as cursed. You helped me gain my confidence back by removing my lump.
Thank you for holding my hand on the street. I’m so accustomed to being abused, but your touch showed me love.